Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why is the paint peeling off my bathroom walls?

Did I use the wrong paint?Why is the paint peeling off my bathroom walls?
It could be for any one of a number of reasons, but mostly none that have been suggested so far.

Lack of adhesion possibly if painting emulsion over a high gloss surface without adequate rubbing down. Grease/oil residue on the walls. Painting an oil-based paint over a surface with a water residue on it. Using old paint from the garage that caught a frost. Applying too many thick coats too quickly. Applying paint to a friable (powdery) surface (the only reason to prime painted walls)Why is the paint peeling off my bathroom walls?
It may be due to the use of wrong type of paint. If you do not use proper type of paint it will peel off walls. Bathroom atmosphere is warm and wet that cause this problem. The best paint to use for bathroom is interior latex paint. It lasts long in humid environment of kitchen and bathrooms. To give you more ideas about bathroom accessories and remodeling i am forwarding you the link of website that will give you good knowledge about bathroom issues. the link is
You cannot paint with latex paint over oil base paint that might have been what was on the walls you painted. Another thing to remember is the best paint job starts with the work you did to prep the walls before you paint. Are the walls clean of smoke, grease, wax, dirt, or any other item you may have thrown on them. Latex primer will cover most stains or at least seal them in, so you can paint over the walls with fresh paint.
Even expensive paint will peel and flake if subjected to hot vapour every day. It absorbs the moisture and then the paint swells and comes away from the wall. Either use a special bathroom/kitchen paint or a silk finish paint and this might help. If you have not got a fan in the bathroom get one fitted as this will take out a good amount of the moisture. Cold walls will make it worse as this encourages the vapour to condense on them, so keep the bathroom heated.

I have been a decorator for 25 years and this is a perennial problem.
Either you did not scrape the old paint off and primer it afterwards or it is pealing off or you probably used the wrong paint. In bathrooms, its smarter to use a latex based outdoor paint because the humidity from the shower tends to take its toll on indoor paint. Also, you should probably use at least 2 or 3 coats
Most likely you did use the wrong paint, you can use a primer next time...

or just go to Home Depot or Lowes and ask them what paint will be best for a bathroom.
Humidity. Make sure you have a window cracked or a fan on to absorb the moisture in the air.
maybe there is a water leakage somewhere... and the water can get between surface of wall and paint... which could cause peeling
Yeah, you need a bathroom fan. A primer like Kilz on the walls before you paint would be good, also.
you may have forgotten to put down a primer or laquer to seal in the paint or waterproof it.
That's possible. Maybe the paint can't take the humidity and moisture.
because wheels use vice grips too
it can be that(wrong paint).maybe it's a cheap class company

ask your mom to buy a new pair of paints(weather proof).
You should have used semi-gloss
idk maybe u didn't add the primer first?

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