Saturday, February 27, 2010

Scraped off my popcorn ceiling, now the new paint is peeling. Help.?

When I applied the new paint, it won't stick and is peeling. It seems there is some kind of rubbery residue there. How can I fix this so I can paint and it doesn't bubble and look a mess? I thought this seemed too easy to just wet it and scrape it. :(Scraped off my popcorn ceiling, now the new paint is peeling. Help.?
We are going to try that with our ceilings. From what I've heard, you must apply a sealer of some type over the raw ceiling. Then you put some ';mud'; over it. Let dry for a few days and then paint. Should work, from what my contractor told me.Scraped off my popcorn ceiling, now the new paint is peeling. Help.?
the popcorn ceiling was not asbestos (hopefully) if so you really got things too worry about......whatever you do do not cause airborne dust from the was widely used in older homes till it was banned in the may need to have the stuff tested....if it is and you already removed a bunch hmmmmmmm, move to canada, cause you are in deep dooodooooo

you will need to scrape the cieling again to get rid of the junk up there plus the new paint that is peeling...(after it dries) sounds like you will need to sand the rest ofthe rubbery goo off, then get a primer paint....home depot or lowes will be able to help you with your choices...
You didn't say, so I may be way off on this. Cooking fumes

over time will settle on walls and ceilings. To assure that

the new paint will stick, wash the surface with a strong

solution of TSP. ( Try-sodium-phosphate ) Remove all the

residue let dry and paint. Get the the hardware store.

Hope that helps.
The popcorn had oil in it. The celing needs to be wiped down with a laquar thinner. Good Luck
ok, now here is the easy fix. put a fresh layer of 1/4 inch sheetrock over it, youll have a bueatiful flat new ceiling instead of a funky uneven one...
You can solve this problem easily... but first you'll need to get that peeling paint off the ceiling... which means you're back to scraping... but have faith. It won't take as long to get the paint off as it did to get the popcorn off. Once it's off, follow these steps to get it right:

1. Wash the entire ceiling with liquid TSP. You'll find this at any home hardware store. I highly reccommend the liquid and not the powder as the powder is toxic, it's harder to mix with water and you'll have to rinse it off after. With the liquid, it's not toxic, it's easy to mix and you won't have the extra step of rinsing it off. TSP will remove all grease, grime, dust, dirt, and most anything else that keeps your paint from sticking properly. Let the ceiling dry completely before passing to the next step.

2. Prime the ceiling with an oil-based primer. I prefer Bull's Eye 1-2-3 or Kilz. And yes, it has to be oil-based primer. It will cover whatever is on that ceiling without a hitch. And though you cannot paint with latex on top of oil PAINT, you can easily paint latex paint on top of oil PRIMER. Let the primer dry.

3. Paint with your paint. It can be latex, no problem.

Enjoy your new popcorn, paint-peeling free ceiling!
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