Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Paint peeling off the wall?

I had latex paint on the walls in the kitchen. I know this because I put it on myself, a couple of years ago. But I still primed it before putting a new coat of paint. I waited one day after the primer, before putting this new paint on the wall. 2 days have past and this paint peels off the wall, like you peel of like plastic wrapping off a meat package.

This is new paint is a high quality, enamel-latex paint.

Do you have any idea as to whyPaint peeling off the wall?
The primer has not bonded to the latex paint that was already up.

You need to sand the old paint to provide a key for the primer. Once this is done your paint should stay on no problem.Paint peeling off the wall?
you key the wall before primer
Call a professional painter you already messed it up!
Scrape the area, and wash with a product called ';TSP';. This will ';etch'; the wall and allow your primer/paint to adhere. I had great success using Kilz Color in my kitchen. The primer is the color - and EXTREMELY durable. Good Luck.

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