Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Microwave.. If the paint is peeling inside, is it still safe to use?

It is about 8 or 9 years old.Microwave.. If the paint is peeling inside, is it still safe to use?
mines the same after 6 years but I still use it but I think its about time we both invested in a new one dont you. we have had our moneys worth out of them and they are very cheap now. better safe than sorry i think, go on i'll buy a new one if you willMicrowave.. If the paint is peeling inside, is it still safe to use?
The paint is cosmetic and will not affect the operation or your health or safety. They have never used lead paint in a microwave. There is NO nuclear radiation involved at all with a microwave and never has been. X-rays are at a much higher frequency than microwaves.
Your microwave is no longer safe to use. Paint contains traces of lead. In return your food and you are being contaminated. It is suggested that if you use a microwave more than occasion to replace it every three years.
get a new one
Are you that dumb, you need to ask this question?
no cuz my microwaze kept blowing up and i had to get a metal one which was expensive
I would buy a new and tell him if he wants to use it he will have to pay half.
not safe cos the metal is exposed an germs it will spark and start to rust got good cheap ones at tesco
Same here... I wouldn't use it.
I wouldn't use it.
The microwave is safe to use without the paint. The paint is simply cosmetic.
Jeeze, buy a new one already, they are cheap these days, go to Wal-mart!!
Ours was doin that a quite a while and then we finally got a new one but if your is that old then probly be safer to get a new because it could be lead paint.
no. u need a new one and it will go in your food along with the fumes from the melting paint. Although I don't know why there is paint in your microwave.
No. Get a new one. They're cheap. Try Target or Costco.
no, it's not safe at all because the radiation will escape from the the inside of the microwave. i know you cannot feel the radiation but it can get through your skin for time to time and the chance is you can get skin cancer without knowing the reason.
Definately a new one. What country are you in. In the UK a very basic one from a supermarket costs less then 拢20, is it worth the risk?
Eww! Get a new one for Gods sake, you can pick one up for 拢40 these days!
Absolutely not.

Go get a new one. They are reasonably priced enough that you have no need to risk your health.
replace it!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!
Just be sure to leave the room while it's in use. Perhaps, you should just buy a new one - a good one is only a few hundred bucks.
STOP USING IT!!! Before you get cancer or lead poisioning!!!! That chipping tiny material is enough to kill you!!! Don't use it anymore!!! Buy a new one because if you continually using it then I'm not hoping this to happen to you but you might end up being really sick or Die!!! Hope this answer helps you! :-)
they are so cheap now get a new one to be safe
u kidding,get a new microwave or u cud get food-poisoned.

P.S.I got food poisened once and i can tell u it wasn't fun.

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